KOL Operations

Job information:

1. By cooperating with Internet celebrities, participating in the exposure and promotion of major events, and adding explosive products to achieve channel traffic and sales growth goals.

2. According to brand positioning and brand strategy, find suitable internet celebrities, accurately expose the brand image, and at the same time optimize the promotion content, improve the content quality, and accelerate the expansion of brand influence.

3. Efficiently manage cooperation budgets, control conversion costs and marketing proportions.

4. Through insight into the market, category, and competing products, accurately predict cooperation opportunities, formulate industry-competitive promotion plans, and efficiently complete channel goals.

5. Actively communicate and cooperate with the design department and other departments, optimize related processes, and continuously promote the more efficient business of the marketing department.


job requirements:

1. English ability: junior college four, writing first, listening & speaking extra points, college degree or above.

2. Language expression ability: negotiation ability, able to express opinions clearly and accurately, and negotiate quickly.

3. Have a certain understanding of foreign social media platforms, and those who have operated and planned marketing activities are preferred.

4. Possess fashion aesthetic ability, positive attitude, strong resistance to pressure, adaptability, work efficiency, innovation ability and information collection ability.

5. Strong learning ability, strong sense of responsibility and self-motivated.

6. People with zero experience can be trained if they are interested, and sufficient training and transition period will be given in the early.


Please send your documents to Kukudel: [email protected]