Our manufacturing plant comes equipped with 2 production lines, workbenches for scooter pre-assembling and assembled scooter inspection platforms. Our production capacity can reach 500 scooters per day. Besides, other manufacturing equipment are also outfitted, such as tire presses, laser marking machines as well as a variety of machine tools to meet different customers’ specific application needs.

With a complete range of lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and hobbing machines, benchtop drill presses, we are capable of processing scooter frame, stem and handlebar.

Pre-assembling line mainly assemblies mudguard, handlebar components, folding mechanism, charging port, U shaped stickers, etc.

Assembling stem, handlebar and rubber foot pad onto semi-finished scooter

Important steps

Assembling of various scooter parts
Motor assembling
Shock absorber assembling
Our pneumatic marking machine can engrave clear and precise marks and codes for scooters.
We have two tire presses to mount tire on wheel rim.
Hydraulic machine is used to assembly steel parts of scooter frame.
Laser marking machine is used to mark logo on frame and stem.