Shock absorption testing unit

The unit is used to test structural strength and material properties of front and rear shock absorbers, to ensure the front and rear shock absorbers meet the requirements without break or other damages.

This motor test system is used for sample testing of various parameters of scooter, such as power, torque, current and efficiency curve to ensure the motor performance meets the specific requirements. Besides, it also checks whether the controller is compatible with the motor, guaranteeing that controller parameters are at an appropriate status.

Motor dynamometer

Front fork testing unit

The unit is used to check whether the front fork size is in compliance with design drawing, and to ensure the forks meet assembling needs.

This unit is used to test the voltage, discharge current and capacity of battery pack.

Battery charge and discharge testing unit

Aging test platform

According to related standard of the industry, we carry out mechanical strength test for frame, folding mechanism, handlebar, stem and other key parts, to ensure each scooter is in compliance with the strength standard. At the same time, we also test electric performance for the scooter, including motor, controller, dashboard and battery durability.