Overseas Social Media Promotion

Job information:

1. Responsible for the operation of the company’s website and can independently manage and maintain the website.

2. Responsible for product promotion, release, information update, collect and analyze market information, grasp market trends, evaluate, analyze and maintain product keywords, and formulate promotion plans.

3. Proficiency in SEO search engines, using social channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to promote independent stations.


job requirements:

1. Computer major, bachelor degree or above. (Sufficient English level is sufficient, good English level is preferred)

2. Work experience: more than 1 year of independent station operation and promotion experience, understand Google Adwords, Facebook promotion.

3. Good at using a variety of network promotion methods, good at SNS promotion.

4. Proficiency in operating commonly used webpage production software and web search tools, and understand the relevant knowledge of website development, operation and maintenance;

5. Have a good sense of responsibility, learning ability and communication skills, and have a keen data analysis ability.


Please send your documents to Kukudel: [email protected]