Google SEO

Job information:
1) Responsible for advertising on the overseas Google search engine platform, account management and optimization, participating in the formulation of advertising strategies, and continuously optimizing advertising effects;

2) Responsible for the optimization of the company’s independent website and off-site, good at using tools for keyword deployment.

3) Responsible for keyword analysis, analyze website keywords, update and adjust content and links.

4) Conduct data monitoring and statistics on website traffic, analyze website logs to continuously analyze and improve the website.

5) Responsible for diagnosing and analyzing this site and competing sites, and submitting an SEO diagnosis report.

6) Have a strong enthusiasm and learning drive for SEO work, and continue to pay attention to the latest algorithm updates and technical trends.


job requirements:

1) More than 1 year of Google SEO experience, understand the principles and characteristics of Google, bing and other foreign search engines, and can independently operate website optimization. .

2) College degree or above, CET-4 or above, strong literacy skills.

3) Familiar with the latest Goolge algorithm, Google search engine search ranking technology, familiar with the principles and strategies of SEO.

4) Love SEO career, good at exploring new SEO trends, paying attention to and analyzing competitors’ optimization strategies; familiar with Web related technologies (Html, JavaScript, CSS, etc.).

5) Good at learning, excellent data analysis ability, strong logical thinking, and high sensitivity to data changes.

6) Very strong execution; rigorous work, proactive, serious and responsible, active thinking, and teamwork spirit.


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