Director of Foreign Trade

Job information:

1. Foreign trade team building: Sales recruitment, selection, employment, and retention.

2. Foreign trade team management: formulate management plan, sales plan, sales target, performance appraisal.

3. Sales training: sales technical training, email writing technical training.

4. Sales sales process supervision and guidance, review the email content of new sales and sales that do not meet technical standards.

5. Compile and formulate external documents, set risky documents into standards, and eliminate risks in sales activities.

6. Network promotion plan planning: tweets, pictures, and video planning.

7. Email promotion plan planning: promotion copywriting, pictures, and video planning.

8. Propaganda album plan planning: album copywriting, pictures.


job requirements:

1. Have more than 2 years of experience in the same position and perform well in this position.

2. Possess the abilities required by the job responsibilities.

3. 28-40 years old, bachelor degree or above, English level 8.

4. Good health, able to accept business trips or exhibitions in Europe, America and other countries.


Please send your documents to Kukudel: [email protected]