Talking about the current situation of the electric scooter industry

Why is it said that it is a simple talk, because everyone may know a little about it, it is too professional, and there are fewer people who can understand it.
I am an electric scooter practitioner, so I know a little bit about the electric scooter industry. In 2020, European and American electric bicycles are selling crazy, and they have reached the situation of grabbing goods. Electric scooters are no exception. Those with European warehouses are all on sale. Manufacturers or wholesalers that set up warehouses in Europe and the United States have made a lot of money, but the C-end retail sellers have lost money. The reason is that they are very good in the early stage, but the return rate is extremely high. Some people say that the return rate is about 25%, and some It is said that the return rate is about 30%, and one of the most outrageous told me that his return rate has reached 35%. The wholesaler received the cash regardless of the return, and the C-end seller was dumbfounded and wanted to cry without tears!
As far as I know, every Amazon barley wants to engage in travel products, because the industry is indeed very popular, but some dare not enter the industry because they are afraid of returning.

One. Let me talk about the inside story of the scooter manufacturer.
    1. At present, 98% of scooter manufacturers have no design ability, no money to open molds, no money to hire engineers, and no money to hire quality personnel.
    2. The financial strength is also very limited. They can only sell counterfeit nesting materials. The competition for nesting materials is also very fierce. A sells 100, B sells 99, C may be 98, and then A may be 97. In such a bad situation Under the competitive environment of China, nesting manufacturers have begun to steal materials, thick and thin, and good and bad. (Nesting is a very professional industry term. If you don’t understand, please ask experts, I won’t go into details here)
    3. The profits of nesting manufacturers are getting less and less, and the processing accuracy is getting lower and lower; you may not see the processing accuracy, but everyone should be able to see the smoothness of the surface, and the batch is worse than the batch.
    4. Rent a small factory, a large order is not enough to put the materials, assemble the floor shop (no production line), no quality inspection workers, no quality inspection site, not to mention the quality inspection standards.
    5. Electronic products such as batteries, motors, controllers, meters, etc. look the same in appearance, and the written specifications are also similar. Anyway, customers can’t see it and don’t understand, so it’s better to sell them cheaply.

Two. Let me talk about the insider of the seller or trading company.
    1. All want to buy the lowest price by themselves, and rely on buying low and selling to bargain others to win customers.
    2. If you like your mouth, you can talk, you can blow, believe in nonsense, like to take advantage, talk about the spirits of the world, please eat and drink, you are very happy, and you have no ability to distinguish products.
    3. Do not understand the product, do not understand the product quality, do not understand the factory management, one is cheap and 3 loves.
    4. Dogmatic, without thinking, just look at the specifications on the paper, lack industry knowledge, and lack the ability to discern. Because bad manufacturers will only say that their specifications are better than good, just like no bad guys say that they are bad guys, and bad guys say that they are better than Lei Feng.